lease agreementA lease agreement is the single most important document to protect your real estate investment. A lease agreement defines the terms and conditions and spells out important rights and duties for both the landlord and tenant as required by the most recent Florida Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.  Professional property managers generally use a lease agreement prepared by a real estate attorney who maintains the language. Alternatively, you can download a lease off the internet, use the lease agreement provided by the Florida Bar, or Realtors may us the Florida Realtors Association lease agreement.

Lease Agreements – Lindsay Leasing

Lindsay Leasing uses a lease agreement prepared by an attorney specializing in landlord/tenant law practices.  There is a small fee charged by the attorney and our firm for the preparation of this lease. The lease is strictly enforced, including late fees, pet policy, unauthorized occupants, vehicle limits, home owner association rules, lease term, and all other terms and conditions of the lease agreement. The lease also includes a mold addendum and a pet addendum if a pet is allowed. If we become aware of a lease violation, the tenant promptly receives a violation notice and is required to cure the violation to avoid further action.

Most importantly, an attorney-prepared lease followed up with proper notifications puts you in a better position should anything go wrong. If nothing goes wrong consider the attorney-prepared lease a small cost of doing business.