Listing¬†listing cancellation policycancellation policies vary among property management firms. Some charge between $100 to $500 to cancel a rental listing. Some agencies will collect “owners funds” at the signing of the listing agreement. This money is held in escrow for repairs and maintenance, but can also be used as a cancellation fee. There is a significant amount of time and money invested by all parties to contract, prepare and market a rental property. So it is understandable why some firms charge a cancellation fee.

Listing Cancellation Policy – Lindsay Leasing

Under its listing cancellation policy, Lindsay Leasing does not charge you a cancellation fee for canceling your listing. You can cancel at any time for any reason without penalty. Most owners have a legitimate reason for doing so, such as remaining in the property for employment or medical reasons, undertaking major renovations, or deciding to sell the property. Lindsay Leasing believes that if you cancel you should not be penalized for it. Lindsay Leasing will charge its commissions if a tenant is procured prior to cancellation.

We encourage you to carefully evaluate your options before signing an agreement. When we enter into a contract to represent your property we do so with a 100% commitment to perform according to our obligations. Our goal is to meet and or exceed your expectations. Having the option to cancel without penalty is an option we hope you will not have to exercise. Lindsay Leasing’s no-charge listing cancellation policy provides you the peace of mind knowing that if your situation changes we understand.