property repairs and maintenanceProperty repairs and maintenance can be handled by personnel working for the property management company or with outside vendors. Nothing affects the reputation of a property management company more than the manner in which repairs are handled. Tenants judge a property manager by almost no other measure. Therefore, it is important that managers have access to multiple vendors to balance the load of service calls and provide the best level of service at competitive rates.

Property Repairs and Maintenance – Lindsay Leasing

At Lindsay Leasing property repairs and maintenance are managed with a Lindsay Leasing property manager who has access to a pool of vendors.  This strategy provides owners with peace of mind knowing that repairs and maintenance are being handled by a competent property manager and not by a real estate sales agent who manages their property on the side.  When repairs or maintenance are needed, we will send a trusted vendor and they will provide the quality service we require in a professional and timely manner.

How does Lindsay Leasing handle repair requests from tenants?

All non-emergency repair requests are reported to us in writing, as required in the lease agreement. We provide tenants with a convenient online repair request form. We strive to respond to and complete most ordinary repair requests within 1 to 3 business days if approved by the owner. However, before spending your money on a service call, we attempt to troubleshoot and solve the problem. We may visit the property if need be without charge to you.  Once it’s determined that a legitimate problem exists, and that a service call is needed, we send a vendor who is affordable, reliable and provides quality workmanship. If an emergency issue arises, tenants have direct access by phone to a property manager 24/7.

Lindsay Leasing does not markup invoices or receive any compensation or kickbacks from our vendors. In some cases, our vendors actually provide a discount to our owners for using their services.

Will you use my brother-in-law to perform repairs, he’s fairly handy?

No, we only use our qualified vendors. We are not able for liability reasons to use your friends or relatives to perform work on your home unless they are in fact licensed vendors (see below).

Will you use my favorite plumber, HVAC company, etc. each time a repair is needed?

We are happy to invite your qualified vendors to join our vendor portfolio. We will try to use your preferred vendors under most circumstances providing they are responsive and available to perform the work in a timely manner.

Will you use my home warranty company or call authorized vendors if my appliances are covered under warranty?

Owners should supply and maintain a current list of all appliances covered under a manufacturer warranty or service contracts. We do not generally recommend nor support home warranty contracts as they do not provide the level of service required to maintain a rental property.