Project Description

General gardening is not usually performed by regular vendors servicing a property. So when the landscaping needs sprucing up, we get involved to evaluate the situation and make recommendations. This Rivendell home had a few landscaping challenges. There was a large agave cactus in the center of the flower bed–a real menace. We had it, as well as several equally large cacti removed from the property. Warning…only hire professionals to remove cacti as it can be a very dangerous job. We brought in mulch to fill in the areas left behind by the cacti. There was a large red bud tree that died too. We had it cut down to the stump. We repaired damaged irrigation lines and cleaned up a queen palm tree. Tenants and owners are happy that the property is looking good once again. Also, we won’t be receiving any HOA notices.

Thanks for sending the pictures and for organizing the landscaping and repairs so quickly. Rivendell Homeowner

Thank you so much for doing a great job on the lawn in a timely manner. It looks cared for and kept up now. Revendell Tenant