Property Management

Managing a property is serious business. Florida Statute requires that essential repairs require prompt attention.  The goal of a property manager is to ensure that a property is maintained and issues are dealt with in a timely manner.  Dealing with emergencies, maintenance issues, inspections and security deposit claims are just a few of the activities involved in property management.

At Lindsay Leasing all tenant calls are returned by the end of a business day, but emergencies are responded to as soon as they are received. We receive tenant service requests via phone, email, text & web.  Through online maintenance requests, tenants can quickly fill out a form online so we can fully understand the problem and dispatch a vendor as soon as possible. We contract vendors who are reliable, dedicated, affordable, licensed and insured so an owner can rest assured that their property is in good hands.  In addition, we keep owners informed of service requests and gain approval prior to moving forward in the repair.  We pay all invoices on behalf of the owner and owners have access to photos, videos, invoices and statements through an online owner portal.

Property inspections are conducted at time of renewal but can be performed at any time with reasonable notice.  Generally, if a tenant has shown to be responsible our recommendation is to let the tenant enjoy the property in peace. If complaints are made from neighbors or the Homeowners Association, Lindsay Leasing will provide tenants 24 hours notice and inspect the property to ensure all is well.

Upon move out Lindsay Leasing will conduct an inspection after the property has been cleaned.  A professional deep cleaning is coordinated by Lindsay Leasing.  If carpet exists in the property, a professional carpet cleaning company is scheduled to clean, deodorize and if pets were present, de-flea all carpeting.  Fees for deep clean and carpet cleaning are deducted from the tenant’s security deposit.  If there are damages caused by tenant we will manage a security deposit claim per Florida Statute and coordinate vendors to repair damage accordingly.

The thing to remember about property management is a tenant always calls when you least expect it (vacation, business travel or sleeping) so make sure to hire a professional if you cannot respond to a tenant in a timely manner. Not only will it save you money and protect your investment, but also give you peace of mind so you can relax.