Rental Maintenance

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Ever wonder what goes wrong at a rental property?

Property Maintenance | Flooring

Problem | Action Taken I had an emergency last night and have blood on the carpet in the living room area. I have put water on it but it needs [...]

Property Maintenance | Other

Problem | Action Taken Master bathroom toilet seat is vinyl padded. It is not sanitary for a rental unit. Do you replace it, or am I responsible? Thank you, Diagnosis [...]

Property Maintenance | Roof-Door-Window

Problem | Action Taken The two-car garage door will not open/close with the opener. Not a remote issue but a mechanical one. I can manually release the door and then [...]

Property Maintenance | Washer-Dryer

Problem | Action Taken Washer is leaking in front of unit during use. Completed load and have not used since. Dried up water in utility room. Diagnosis | Solution Water [...]

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