1. Enter data into green cells. Blue cells are optional and already contain average data.
  2. To help guide you as to what to enter into the green cells, the grey cells have sample Cash/Mortgage data.
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  • Rent for an annual unfurnished home averages $1/sq ft per month (e.g., 1500 sq ft home may rent for $1500/month).
  • Tax millage rate source: Sarasota Property Appraiser Office 2014.
  • Insurance estimates for regular homeowners policy found at: Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. Ask your insurance agent about landlord rental property insurance.
  • Leasing and management fee includes average annualized cost for placing a tenant, collecting rent and managing repairs and maintenance.
  • Repairs rule of thumb is $1/sq ft per year (e.g., 1500 sq ft house is $1500 a year in repairs on average over a 10 year period).
  • Lawn, landscape, pool, pest services are typical for single family homes. Rates will vary. Not applicable to condos.
  • Vacancy rate is estimated at 1 week per year.
  • Utilities are paid by owners when property is vacant. Monthly utilities are estimated at 10% of square footage (e.g., 1500 sq ft home may have utilities that average $150/month).


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