There are many property management companies successfully representing owners throughout Sarasota. If you’ve been referred to Lindsay Leasing by a trusted adviser then your search for a property manager is nearly done. Without a recommendation, you’re most likely in for some additional due diligence before finding the right firm for you. Common criteria for evaluating your options might include years of experience, number of offices and agents, properties under management, credentials, services provided, and fees. After you gather the facts and you have your short list, it just might come down to choosing the company and individual whom you trust most.

Quantity vs. Quality

We’ve not been around for 20-25 yearsjust since 2011. We do not manage 1,000’s of propertiesnorth of 100 properties. We’re not a national company with hundreds of locationswe’re only in Sarasota and we have just one office. Our focus is on quality not quantity. We describe ourselves as a boutique firm striving to deliver the best property management experience in Sarasota.

Product Equals Property

Each of the founders of Lindsay Leasing have product management backgrounds. In product management there’s the concept of the product life cycle. Simply put it’s managing a product from introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Product managers understand marketing, engineering, operations, production, sales and distribution, and service and support. Their central role requires strong working relationships both inside and outside their organization.

We think property management has many similarities. The product is the property. The property life cycle consists of preparing, leasing, managing, and retiring a lease. Then the cycle starts all over again. A successful property manager has strong relationships with property owners, residents, realtors, associations, government, and vendors. Property managers have documented processes, anticipate problems before they happen, deal with issues as they arise, and try to keep all stakeholders satisfied. It’s really quite a balancing act.

Why Lindsay Leasing?

So by now you’re asking yourself “Why Lindsay Leasing?” The short answer iswe get the job done!

  • You will not be disappointed. We will represent your property, find a qualified tenant, and manage all financial and property maintenance aspects.
  • You will earn more. Our process minimizes vacancies. We perform a thorough rental readiness to help you maximize your rental rates. We lease properties in less time.
  • You will spend less. We minimize our overhead to maximize your returns. We do this by streamlining every aspect of our business for maximum efficiency. In addition, we do not employ resources that do not benefit you or your property.
  • You can depend on us. When you need something, you can call or email us and we are always happy to respond.
  • You can trust us. We are in it for the long haul and believe that our honesty and integrity mean everything.
  • You can refer us. In the end, if we perform you’ll recommend us to others and that is our greatest reward.

In summary, choosing a firm to manage your single family rental property requires good judgement. If you select Lindsay Leasing, you can relax knowing we’ll do everything possible to validate your good judgement.